Devastated Redskins Fan Explains Her Autograph-Induced Meltdown

By now, we've all seen Kimberly Lewis bawl her eyes out over not receiving autographs during the first day of Redskins training camp last week and probably -- alright, definitely -- had a laugh at her expense.

Lewis's confessional went viral, so our NBC cohorts in Richmond tracked her down so that she could explain herself.

"I was so devastated,” Lewis said, adding that she is four months pregnant and that her raging hormones might have had something to do with it. “I had to walk back to the car empty-handed. I didn’t have anybody to talk to or anything, because I was by myself, so the only thing I could do was make a video about it.

"I was just super disappointed today. That’s really it. I think, part of me being such a super fan, I thought I would be more, too. I think that’s also why I was so heartbroken.” - Richmond, VA News

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