Hey DC Women, Varly Thinks You're Frumpy

Capitals goalie likes fit Russian girls

Whenever a Russian hockey player does an interview with the hometown media, you just know there are going to be some good quotes headed back to North America.

The Russians, you see, tend to open up with their media comrades in a way they don't here in the States. Either that or the Russian media just makes up a bunch of stuff to sell papers and magazines.

Washington Capitals goalie Simeon Varlamov is the latest to be bitten by the Russian media bug, and D.C. women may not be too happy about what he had to say.

During an interview with OK! Magazine, Varly had some fun at the expense of all of D.C.'s single ladies, according to our friends over at Japers' Rink.

Varly was asked about his personal life, and the goalie started talking about his girlfriend. We let Japers' do the translating so you don't have to break out your Russian-English dictionary:

"I have a true love, so I don't look at any other women. You know, I'm extremely fortunate that I met a Russian girl in America. It's difficult to look at a lot of the local women. You get the feeling that just don't take care of themselves! There are an awful lot of heavyset ones. But Russian girls have nice trim figures. I couldn't imagine myself being with an American girl."


Club Scarlet, sharpen those pitchforks because training camp is just around the corner!

Oh, and if you want to feel nauseous, check out the super-cute video of Varly and his girlfriend acting all cute and cuddly during their photo shoot. Stop the PDA!

Update:  The Caps put out a note this afternoon to alert the media that Varlamov has changed the spelling of his first name from Simeon to Semyon "for the upcoming season and the foreseeable future."  That still leaves the door open for another change down the road to "Sparkles."  We're ready when you are, Varly!

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