Winter Classic Coming to the District?

Puck fans rejoice, there is more outdoor hockey on the way.

A National Hockey League executive pledged that Washington D.C. will host the Winter Classic in the future, the Sporting News reported.

NHL Deputy Commissioner Bill Daily, speaking to reporters about the Capitals, "We committed to this franchise that we'll bring a game here in the near future."

Details are thin, but a few different venues are under consideration: FedEx Field, the Nationals' ballpark, and even the National Mall.  "We've talked about those possibilities," Daly said.

The surging populairty of the Capitals has drawn the NHL's attention.  The team has compiled nearly two seasons' worth of sellout home games.  "You come here to the Verizon Center every night during the regular season," Daly said, "and you have a packed arena."

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