Daniel Sedin Wins Broken Trophy

Getty Images

The Ted Lindsay Award goes to the player picked by the NHL Players Association as the league's most outstanding player.

Daniel Sedin was no doubt humbled by the honor of being recognized by his peers on Wednesday. What we don't know is how he felt when he first eyed his prize -- a broken trophy.

That's right -- the hockey stick on the trophy that represents Sedin's outstanding play and hard work this season appears to have been broken ... and poorly re-attached.

Didn't think we'd notice, did ya? 

It appears that Sedin was a good sport, however, based on his playful attempts to cover the broken part of the trophy with his hands during the post-Awards Show photo shoot.

He's probably wondering who is responsible for the damage. After all, it looked fine when last year's recipient got his hands on it...

Umm, Ovi ... what happened?

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