Dan Snyder's Imaginary Radio Interview

In “please end this lockout” news of the day, it looks like a random tweet may have caused some chaos in Redskins world.

On Monday, Peter King wrote about a possible draft-day trade between the Redskins and the Steelers that broke down directly before the Redskins made the 16th overall pick. He spent six paragraphs dissecting the alleged trade and who the Steelers were targeting.

From the original version of King’s article:

“Washington owner Dan Snyder said on Sirius Radio over the weekend that the 'Skins and Steelers had a deal in place for Washington to trade the 16th overall pick to Pittsburgh for the 31st pick plus other choices ... but the Steelers didn't do the deal when it came time to pull the trigger. Seems the player Pittsburgh wanted was gone by the time the 16th pick rolled around.”

King cites Snyder’s appearance on Sirius Radio as fact, but doesn’t list a source which could reasonably lead readers to believe he actually heard the interview himself.

Then, Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk linked to King’s story and further speculated on the nature of the possibly imaginary broken trade and calls into question whether the Redskins really wanted Ryan Kerrigan at all.

The problem is, Snyder was not on Sirius Radio over the weekend and hasn’t been on since the draft, a fact confirmed by Dan Steinberg.

Redskins Blog also claims that any rumors of such a trade on draft day are inaccurate.

So what started it all? We assume it was this Saturday tweet by Steelers blogger, James Wexell.

King, who clearly doesn't know that anything said on the Internet lasts forever, first updated his story with a “reportedly said” disclaimer, with no mention of the fact that his original reporting was errant. Then, in an impressive use of the strikethrough tag, lined out all six paragraphs of the original article.

PFT’s story has been updated to reflect this with a note telling us to “stay tuned for more.”

We can’t wait.

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