Dan Snyder Wants an Apology

At a time when most team owners are concerned about the lockout and how to handle the draft, Dan Snyder appears to have priorities elsewhere.

In an op-ed published on the Washington Post’s website on Monday, Snyder attempted to explain why he was suing the Washington City Paper. Much like the original lawsuit, it has taken an issue that people have moved on from and thrust it back into the spotlight.

In the piece, he claims that the “one reason” he is suing the City Paper is because it “refused to issue an apology and retract false and damaging attacks” on his integrity.  From the op-ed:

For more than eight months, the same writer at this tabloid blogged or wrote about me. In producing more than 55 pieces, only three times did this particular writer bother to call my staff to check facts. The reporters of The Post and other papers know that my communications adviser, Tony Wyllie, is available 24-7 to respond to questions about me and the Washington Redskins. This writer, however, chose not to call to check the facts before he wrote an article last November that contained so many false assertions.

But perhaps he’s failing to realize that damage to Dan Snyder’s integrity might be coming from Dan Snyder.

The piece, which comes across as a bit self-indulgent, does not come at a good time for fans. With the lockout temporarily lifted and the draft two days away, the biggest concern in the league is how teams will fill their roster holes without the benefit of free agency.

To see their team’s owner be more concerned with how a lawsuit makes him look might not give fans a good feeling about the direction of their team.

If Snyder wants to help his public image, how about an op-ed explaining how he’ll prevent more high-salary busts like McNabb and Haynesworth? Or maybe he can talk about what the owners are doing to help ensure that football actually happens this year? We’d even accept a piece about what they’re doing at the stadium to improve the quickly declining fan experience.

But to continue to force this “I had no choice” message down our throats is insulting because we all know better. There’s always a choice.

Snyder wants an apology? Fine.

We’re sorry we paid to park in your lot.

We’re sorry we continue to shell out our hard-earned money to see a team that spends that money foolishly.

We’re sorry we gave you the benefit of the doubt when you traded valuable draft picks for an aging quarterback.

And we’re sorry that we care more about the direction of our team, rather than the reputation of its owner.

The only thing Snyder got right was the end of his most recent diatribe.

“Enough is enough.”


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