“Miracle” Passengers Finally Hitting the Links — for Free

They're going to drive this time

A Norwalk, Conn., man who was on board the "Miracle on the Hudson" flight is finally taking that golfing trip he never got to when the plane went down.

Jeff Kolodjay, 31, and his father, cousin and friends were on their way to Myrtle Beach in January when the US Airways Flight 1549 made an emergency landing in the Hudson River.

"It was just a really scary experience to be looking out the window and seeing the skyline of Manhattan, the buildings getting taller and taller as the plane starts to go down, and knowing that it's your only option to crash land," Kolodjay told the Sun News.

This time, he and his buddies are driving to South Carolina and they're getting a free four-night stay at a golf resort for their troubles.  

He said his wife is seven months pregnant, and they "just want to make sure that we'll get there this time."

The marketing firm working with Legends Resorts and Myrtle Beach Golf Holiday contacted Kolodjay after seeing him talk on television after the Jan. 15 emergency landing.

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