Could Tiki Be a Redskin?

Perhaps after learning that divorces, child support and new girlfriends are expensive, Tiki Barber has filed paperwork with the NFL to come out of retirement for the 2011 season.

It's a pretty bold move for a man who once criticized Brett Favre for not knowing how to retire.

With the recent departure of Clinton Portis, the Redskins have a need for a running back. So ... of course the question has to be asked: Could Tiki (at age 35) be the next rusher in burgundy and gold?

The aging former Pro Bowler retired in 2006 after 10 seasons and more than a handful of Giants team records. Considering that Mike Shanahan gave Larry Johnson a chance, it wouldn’t be out of character to take a shot at Tiki. With Donovan McNabb at QB he could have a matching antique set.  (We smell a Road Show episode in D.C.!)

What do you think? Provided he’s willing to give up his career No. 21, would fans like to see Tiki rush for the Skins?

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