Chris Cooley's Flag Football Fun

We mentioned last week how Brandon Banks and Leonard Hankerson are getting their football fix during the lockout via Madden.

It seems Chris Cooley is staying in football shape in his own way.

Cooley has been playing in the Fairfax Athletics Flag Football League.

And by the looks of these videos, he’s been trying out some new positions.

“Cooley was pretty competitive throughout the game,” said opposing player Dullah Nawroz.

“It was almost unfair to try and block him.”

One of Nawroz’s teammates, Steve Motyka, had the play of the game with a jumping interception over the Redskins' tight end. 

In the end it wasn’t enough, as Cooley’s team walked away with the win.

It was a nice moment for Cooley, who admitted that playing actual football was refreshing.

“He stayed after the game and thanked us for what he said was the funnest game he's played in a long time,” said Nawroz. “He also said he really appreciated us and [talked about] how nice it is to play, even if it’s flag. Getting in the gym is one thing, but playing is much better.”

Cooley’s team, the Extinguishers, ended the season at 5-3 and are headed to the league championships next week after two playoff wins.

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