Community Benefits From Fan Appetites

Every season, the concessionaires at the Verizon Center cook more than 116,000 hot dogs. Despite all best attempts, Wizards and Caps fans fall short of eating them all.

That’s good news for DC Central Kitchen.

At the start of the NHL season last October, Verizon Center food partners Aramark and Levy joined the Capitals in a league-wide food donation program called Rock & Wrap It Up. Shortly after, the program was extended to all events at the arena.

“The food that we prepare for games and events that is not used is labeled and monitored for the correct food temperature, and then stored in our cooler until the following day when DC Central Kitchen comes by to pick up the food,” explained Nick Elgin, General Manager for Aramark.

On a seasonal average, Aramark prepares:

  • 116,513 hot dogs
  • 22,227 sausages
  • 24,674 hamburgers
  • 121,587 orders of chicken tenders (364,761 pieces)
  • 6,415 chicken breasts
  • 62,750 pounds of French fries

Everything left over, aside from the french fries, gets donated (the fries go to Blatche).

“Since we began the program back in October with Verizon Center, they’ve donated 10,000 pounds of food so far, and this is just the first season,” said Brian MacNair, Chief Development Officer for DC Central Kitchen.

That is five tons of food then packaged into individual meals for distribution to shelters, transitional homes, and rehabilitation clinics throughout the D.C. area.

As far as whose fans gobble up more of our favorite food groups, Caps fans sit on top of the food chain with up to 750 pounds of prepared food for each game to the Wizards' 500 pounds.

According to the team, beer consumption is equal.

So feel better about turning down that third hot dog. DC Central Kitchen, and your figure, will thank you.

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