Come to Danny

Surprise! Big dollar free agent linked to Skins

Everyone agrees that the offensive and defensive lines were a huge problem for the Skins last year.  Have no fear, because Dan Snyder's got it all figured out.  Well, half of it anyway.

PFT passes along a link to the Houston Chronicle that claims Danny Boy is targeting Titans defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth.

The Chronicle's sketchy-but-anonymous source says that a $100 million deal averaging $15-$16 million per is possible. 

With Snyder, certainly anything is possible.

Haynesworth is certainly an upgrade on paper, but will he be worth the contract, especially given the other holes the team has?

He's certainly got the talent.  He's a two-time All-Pro selection, and his 8.5 sacks last year doubled the Skins' leader, Andre Carter.

But there are questions about him off the field. Some have argued that he's a good candidate to stop pushing himself so hard once he gets his payday -- though others would argue that that makes him perfect for the burgundy and gold.

And as much as the idea of him head-stomping a Cowboy might secretly delight a Skins fan, it was a stupid, nonsensical, me-first move that cost him and his team.

He's got a whole bunch of other minor incidents that should sound alarm bells, including an arrest for allegedly forcing a car off an interstate, although charges were eventually dropped.

When he's healthy and motivated to play, he's a force. The challenge for the Skins would be keeping him focused on the goal at hand.

Given their history with other big-money flops (see: Wilkinson, Dan; Stubblefield, Dana), Skins fans can't be too optimistic. At least if the rumor is accurate.

Chris Needham used to write Capitol Punishment before he lost motivation.

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