Columnist Assumes Ovechkin Was on PEDs

Columnist Assumes Ovi Was on PEDs

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Remember that columnist who trolled the sports world by saying San Francisco Giants fan Brian Stow deserved his near fatal beating?

Well now John Steigerwald has his sights set on Alex Ovechkin with the most unoriginal of all athlete accusations.

Ovi must have been on steroids.

There are whispers and maybe even some out-loud conversations around the hockey world about Ovechkin's problem being a lack of artificial help.

In other words, performance-enhancing drugs.

We’ve spent a lot of time with the Caps and with hockey writers. We’ve never heard this conversation. Or even this whisper. It’s possible someone said it in sign language and we missed it since we don’t know sign language.

But wait, it gets better.

After all the tearful, indignant denials by athletes who were later found to be juicers, I've taken the position that if you're performing at a near super-human level and your doctor is arrested for selling steroids, you are guilty until proven innocent.

There you have it, Caps fans. Justice like our forefathers intended.

We don’t need to tell you that we think this article is total bunk and was clearly written with the intention of getting people all riled up.

We also know that you’re probably going to head over and give this guy the business in his comments section. Just represent Caps fans well and do it respectfully.

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