Chris Cooley Chats With SI

Chris Cooley had a podcast chat with Jimmy Traina over at SI, and if you’re a Cooley fan, it’s worth the listen.

Amid conversation about the lockout and Cooley’s opinions on the hottest women in the world, we learned a few new things about the personable tight end.

He’s a closeted American Idol fan.
“I have to watch it because my wife watches it. Normally I like it but there’s literally no one I like on the show. But I do kind of like Haley.”

The heartbreak from the Caps' loss is still fresh.
“I really can’t believe they lost four in a row. I feel bad for those guys. I know they work so hard and they’re a good team. They really changed this year into a more defensive team and more well rounded team. But, I think Tampa’s hot. I mean, that’s just how hockey goes.”

He’s sold more than 1,000 pots at the Cooley Gallery.
“I didn’t know how excited people would be about it. And people are freaking crazy about it.”

Playing fantasy football with NFL pros isn’t all that fun.
“It would be better to do it with fans, because they actually know fantasy football, and will actually update their teams and play. The draft I did with all the guys, like, Fred Smoot won, and Santana was in the semi-finals, but I updated their teams every week and made their trades, and made their picks for them just so the league functioned. So no one really won. It was like me playing myself on 10 different teams.”

He has a love/hate relationship with Twitter.
“I probably would have preferred that Twitter never existed. It’s a really strange thing. But because it is what it is, you embrace it and you embrace social media and you make the most of it. It’s a really easy way to respond to fans too.”

He’s pretty excited about getting high speed internet next month.
“June will be an overload of porn in my house.”

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