Caps Replace Bob Woods

We assumed that the hiring of Dale Hunter would come with some changes within the Caps' coaching support staff. It’s to be expected.

But seeing Bob Woods’ name on the losing end of today’s press release stung a little. 

Woods has been replaced as assistant coach by Jim Johnson. Off the ice, Johnson has some very big skates to fill.

Our most recent experience with Woods would turn out to be our last, but it spoke volumes for the kind of person he is.

As he had in previous years, Woods ran the faceoff workshop at the Hockey ‘n Heels event a few weeks ago. His past experience with the event made him a little wiser in at least one area.

As he dropped the puck for two attendees, one of them got a little aggressive with the faceoff and Woods took an errant stick to the shin.

“I’m wearing shin pads, don’t worry,” he laughed as the woman apologized. “I learned my lesson after too many bruised shins at this thing.”

For over an hour he stood on the ice in his skates, dropping pucks for female Caps fans who wanted to get a taste of the action. And he did it with a genuine smile.

In speaking to people familiar with the event that night, the general sentiment was that Woods was beloved and known for his patience. And seeing him enjoy teaching hockey to these women, it was clear that he appreciated the fans and why they were there.

Good luck, Bob. And congratulations to the fans of your next team.

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