Caps Ready to Roll

Momentum completely on their side

Two nights ago, it wasn't quite panic time, but the Caps certainly were up against it.  Now, everything's different.  The Game 3 win shifted the momentum.  The Caps are clearly in charge, and it's the Rangers who are teetering on the edge.

Consider how different your feelings are now.

Who's got the best goaltender?  Henry might be a King, but with a long shutout streak, and just one measly little goal allowed in his two games, the Iron Curtain has blacked out the Blueshirts.  Jose who?

Who's got the better offense?  The Caps shooting gallery beat the snot out of the Rangers.  How many times did Semin get behind the Rangers defenders in the first period alone?

Who's got the better penalty kill?  That vaunted Rangers PK has gacked up four power-play goals.  Meanwhile, since that Game 1 fiasco, the Rangers are zippo-for-12 against the Caps' supposedly mediocre killers.

The Caps have simply skated circles around the Rangers, flinging puck after puck at the net.  Even with all the Rangers blocked shots, they're still averaging 37 shots a game!

They're possessing the puck, zipping around the clods on skates, and taking what they can give.

It worked in the last game.  It worked in the first game, too -- just Jose's impression of a weeble on ice blinded us to the fact.

The Caps have the hot goalie.  The Rangers can't score.  The Caps offense is humming along.

If you're a Caps fan, what's not to like?

Chris Needham used to write Capitol Punishment.  He's not envisioning a Game 7.

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