Caps' Neuvirth Battles Aging Roloson

There are a lot of stats floating around designed to make us feel better about the Caps being down 2-0 in this series. The reality is, the Caps could be in trouble.

Alex Ovechkin wants you to know that it’s going to be OK.

"The series is not over,” Ovechkin said after Game 2. “We're going to go there and we're going to have to win two games and it's going to be hard. We have to win.”

Among all of the “it’s OK, we’ll be fine” chatter, this little tidbit caught our eye. It’s from an e-mail sent by the Capitals.

“There’s been only one matchup of starting goaltenders in an NHL playoff game with a larger age difference (18 years, 162 days) than that between Dwayne Roloson (age 41) and Michal Neuvirth (age 23). That was the difference of 20 years, 304 days when Toronto’s Johnny Bower (age 42) opposed Montreal’s Rogie Vachon (age 21) in Games 2 and 3 of the 1967 Stanley Cup Final.”

Despite his impending AARP membership, Roloson has been pretty spry thus far. Although tonight’s 6:30 start may be to ensure that he gets to bed at a decent hour.

In the 1967 series, the older goalie took Game 2, but youth prevailed in Game 3. Let’s hope history repeats itself tonight.

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