Caps Fans Show Irrational Side

Leonsis looks to put them in their place

When it comes the public complaints about a winning sports team, the squeaky wheels are usually in the extreme minority.

So when Caps owner Ted Leonsis points out the comments of unhappy fans on his blog, it's understood that these are the same type of people who would find a reason to grumble about winning the lottery.

One fan wonders why the Caps are giving back-up experience to young, "unseasoned" goaltenders while Brent Johnson is out.

The Caps have a stable of young goalies in their system, GM George McPhee has evaluated the situation and knows what he's doing. Besides, there's still plenty of time to make a move, if necessary, before the March 4 NHL trade deadline.

Another fan equates Leonsis with a circus ringmaster simply for allowing family members of the team to come on a road trip. What?

To fans' credit, most, if not all, responses on Leonsis' blog entry express support for the team and its owner. Real fans know to appreciate the changes brought to a previously hapless franchise by Ted's take.

Leonsis has made himself admirably accessible through his blog, but it begs the question, why mention pockets of dissatisfaction in the first place? Ah ha, the airing of minor grievances makes it easier to point out their absurdities -- if not by Leonsis himself, but by his forum of fan commenters.

That Ted, one savvy marketer.

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