Capitals Most Talked-About NHL Team on Sportscenter June 22-28 – for 30 Seconds

There is enough material online regarding ESPN's lack of interest in the NHL to write a 50-page manifesto.

Long story short, the "Worldwide Leader In Sports" has seemingly forgotten that there are four professional leagues in North America.

With that in mind, there might not be a bigger critic of ESPN's practices than Deadspin, who, among other things, keeps a weekly log of sports and athletes mentioned on the station's flagship "Sportscenter" program.

During the week of June 22-28, it just so happened that the Washington Capitals were the most-mentioned NHL franchise. They received 30 seconds of airtime. 

That week was the week of the NHL Draft, where the Caps drafted 10 players and made a trade for Mike Ribeiro, so perhaps that was what pushed them to the top of the "leaderboard."

Meanwhile, Bryce Harper received 14 mentions on "Sportscenter." So there's that.

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