Capital Roundup: Shirtless Ovi Edition

Every week there are news tidbits that we don't get to bring you, but deserve some attention anyway. We present them to you on Fridays. They aren't as cool as skateboarding bulldogs. But then again, what is?

  • One Redskin has decided to give baseball a try. [Sports Bog]
  • Super crazy Redskins fans, explained. [Redskins Blog]
  • A shirtless Ovechkin playing soccer. We dig his Zigs. [RMNB]
  • A deserving Nat left off the All-star ballot. Let the write-in campaign begin! [Nationals Baseball]
  • Bryce Harper tries out a new 'stache. [Nats NQ]
  • Could Charlie Davies be the newest player on the national team? We hope so. [Soccer Insider]
  • The next possible starting QB for the Redskins enjoys getting whacked int he face. [Sports Bog]

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