Ron Rivera

Ron Rivera Talks About His Favorite Foods, Pet Peeves and Thoughts on Players He's Coached

The Washington Football Team’s head coach answers a lightning round of fun questions about himself

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Washington Football Team head coach Ron Rivera revealed a lot of things about himself that many Washington fans may not know.

His favorite food?

“All of it,” he said.

He expanded on how his upbringing influenced his love for food.

“I was blessed; I grew up in a military family,” he said. “My mom is Hispanic and Filipino, so being able to travel all around the world from Germany to Central American down in Panama, visiting his family in Puerto Rico. I have been able to indulge and enjoy, so I just love food.”

His biggest pet peeve is one that many people living in the D.C. metropolitan area can relate to.

“When you’re at the airport and everyone is rushing at the turnstile,” Rivera said. “Somebody always smacks someone when they’re pulling their bag out. Why do not we just back up, take a second, breathe and let our baggage come?”

The most famous people that are in his contact list is a varied group of celebrities. The list includes the late Arnold Palmer; Michael Jordan, whom he met during his stint with the Carolina Panthers; his favorite comedian, Gabriel Iglesias; and Gayle King.

Washington Football Team head coach Ron Rivera talks to News4's Leon Harris about the challenges faced since joining the team.

Rivera played a word association game with News4 to describe his players, family and even himself. The word he used to describe Alex Smith was “courageous.” Rookie Chase Young’s word was “exciting.” Cam Newton’s was “misunderstood.”

“The boss” is how he described his wife, Stephanie Rivera.

“I really can’t imagine life without her,” he said.

His children, Courtney and Christopher, are his “pride and joy.”

As for himself, he believes he’s “fortunate.”

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