Report: Robert Griffin III ‘Insecure', Expresses Dissatisfaction With Coaching Staff

After the Redskins' 24-16 loss to the Eagles last week, Robert Griffin III made a comment that many perceived to be a thinly-veiled shot at the coaching staff, saying that the Eagles "knew what was coming before it was coming." 

There has been an awful lot of "he said, he also said" surrounding a 3-7 team this week, and NFL Network added to that discussion Sunday by reporting some interesting happenings emanating from Ashburn.

According to Mike Silver, Griffin is thought by some within the organization to be "kind of insecure," asking coaches not to highlight his poor plays in film reviews. His college coaches reportedly obliged, but the same cannot be said about Washington's staff

Not only that, but Griffin's hasty return from offseason knee surgery was partially spurred on by the threat of Kirk Cousins usurping him. 

Silver also reported that Griffin has "expressed dissatisfaction" to teammates about the coaching staff and that he and Mike Shanahan met to "clear the air." (Video of the report can be seen here.)

Shanahan vehemently denied the report to ESPN, calling it "completely untrue, completely false." 

Either way, I am a complete outsider to the goings on of the Redskins organization -- I have been to Redskins Park a total of two times and none this season -- but from my perspective, RGIII has lost a lost of his charismatic luster.

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