A Look Back at Some of the Redskins' Most and Least Memorable Quarterbacks Since Their Last Super Bowl

The Redskins have had more than 30 different quarterbacks on the roster in the 26 years since the team's 1992 Super Bowl win. Next up: The Redskins are reportedly ready to pick up Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith in a trade, leaving free agent Kirk Cousins free to sign with another team.

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Kirk Cousins likely is leaving the Washington Redskins after five seasons in D.C. He set several records during his time playing for the Redskins.
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This quarterback was a first-round pick for D.C.'s team, and his time with the Redskins is marked with awards. He holds NFL rookie records for passer rating, percentage of passes intercepted and rushing yards by a quarterback. He also was named AP Rookie of the Year, making him the first Redskins player to earn the distinction.
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Colt McCoy's term as a Redskins' quarterback featured his engineering of a fourth-quarter comeback win. The D.C. team listed him as an active player in 2016, but he did not play in all 16 games. He's still on the team's roster.
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Grossman played for the Bears and Texans before joining the Redskins in 2010. His time in D.C. featured five consecutive games in which he threw 200-plus yards. He was a starter in all 13 games he played during 2011.
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This 36-year-old Auburn graduate was 24 when he started in the NFL with the Redskins. He was named NFC Offensive Player of the Week in 2007.
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In 2006, Brunell set an NFL record with 22 consecutive completions to start a game. He later won a Super Bowl as a backup to Drew Brees in New Orleans.
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This quarterback only played two games as a backup with the Redskins after eight years of playing for other NFL teams. Both games were losses. He was on the team for eight months.
Rosenfels spent one season as the third-string quarterback for at the start of his career, but he didn't play in any games for the Redskins. He is better-known for his time with the Miami Dolphins and the Houston Texans.
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Brad Johnson led the Redskins to their first postseason since 1992 in 1999, winning one of two playoff games. The following season, despite having a winning record, Johnson was benched for Jeff George, and the team missed the playoffs. Johnson won a Super Bowl with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers two years later.
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George threw his last NFL passes as a Redskins quarterback in 2001. He did not win a Super Bowl.
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This Indiana grad played games had a breakout season for the Redskins in 1998 but then rejected the team's offer to re-sign. During his last year with Washington, Green threw for 3,441 yards, 23 touchdowns, and 11 interceptions. He was slated to start for the St. Louis Rams in 1999, but a preseason injury made room for Kurt Warner, who famously led "The Greatest Show on Turf" to a Super Bowl victory.
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Redskins fans in the mid-1990s saw several appearances from Gus Frerotte, but many remember him for his 1997 game against the New York Giants in which, for some reason, he slammed his head into a wall to celebrate a touchdown run, spraining his neck. He went to the hospital at halftime, and the game ended in a 7-7 tie.
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