Nationals to Unveil Fifth Racing President at NatsFest

Thursday morning, the Washington Nationals confirmed rumors that a fifth Racing President will be added to the fourth-inning event -- and that he'll be unveiled this Saturday at NatsFest. 

If I remember my U.S. history and elementary math correctly, then there are 40 presidents that could join George, Tom, Abe and Teddy next season at Nationals Park. So who could it be? It's time to speculate.

James Madison: The fourth president does not have his face carved into the side of a mountain in South Dakota, but the man is the "Father of the Constitution" and an author of the Bill of Rights. Dude's sort of important in the grand scheme of things around here. Plus, he's also listed as the shortest president in U.S. history, standing at 5'4". It would be nice to take a picture with a Racing President who is not freakishly huge.

William Henry Harrison: This one provides the easiest escape route. If he bombs, you can kill him off after a month.

Richard Nixon: "Right Field-Gate." Enough said. 

Franklin D. Roosevelt: He could join the circuit with the sole purpose of exacting revenge on George, Tom and Abe for holding back his cousin Teddy for years. Or he could go through a Teddy-like losing streak and we can call it the Great Depression. 

Bill Clinton: He woul get distracted by a young woman in a blue dress during every race. It more or less writes itself.  

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