Capital Games' Year In Review: Top Tweets

Welcome back. We're just one week away from Christmas, but for Part III of my year-end retrospective (if you missed Parts I and II, find them here and here), I want to show my appreciation for the gift that keeps on giving: athletes (and all famous people, really) on Twitter.

Twitter has provided us with unprecedented access to the personal lives of our favorite actors/actresses, athletes and other well-known personalities. It's almost like that section in Us Weekly where they print photos of celebrities grocery shopping or jogging and proclaim that they're "just like us!" Except, you know, not annoying. 

Are there people out there -- famous or not -- who we wish we didn't know that much about? Absolutely. But for the most part, Twitter is awesome.

In D.C., we have plenty of chatty, social media savvy athletes. This is a celebration of them. 

5. Trevor Booker

I already detailed this one, but as a refresher, Booker didn't take too kindly to ESPN giving the Wizards little-to-no chance of beating the Heat Dec. 4, so he let them know about it. Kind of. 

4. A-ha

Yes, I know that a Norwegian pop band is not a Washington-area athlete, but A-ha became synonymous with Michael Morse last season when the Nationals' hulking outfielder used their biggest hit. 1985's "Take On Me," as his walk-up music. One thing led to another, and by the end of the season, 40,000 fans would sing/shriek/voice crack along at Nationals Park as if the song was some sort of battle cry.

The band (which was probably happy to be basking in the golden rays of relevancy again) and Morse struck up a friendship and the members of A-ha became Norway's biggest Nationals fans. 

3a/3b. Denard Span

Span has only officially been a National for about a month, but he's already endeared himself to the fanbase after live-tweeting his visit to the District earlier this month (though his apparent fascination with flatulence is something we might have to eventually discuss).

2. Bryce Harper

If you can't laugh at yourself, then who can you laugh at? Bryce Harper.

1. Karl Alzner

Unfortunately, Alzner's Twitter was a casualty of the ongoing NHL lockout, but while the Capitals were actually playing, the gregarious defenseman made headlines with his adorably destructive dogs.

Upon returning home from Washington's triple-overtine loss to the New York Rangers in Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Semifinals May 2/3, Alzner was greeted by Duncan, Charlie and a mess:

"Dogs not happy about the loss either," Alzner tweeted at the time. Keep in mind that this occurred around 3 a.m.  

Try not to terrier-self up about it. I'll show myself out.

Part IV tomorrow. You're getting into a rhythm, aren't you?

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