Bryce Harper Can See You Now

Nationals’ future slugger Bryce Harper has seen his stats suffer since his season started down on the farm in Hagerstown.  And in a storyline straight out of the movie Major League, it has been revealed why.

“I was told my vision was really bad,” Harper told the Herald-Mail.

So the team fitted Harper with contact lenses, and it seems to be making a difference.

“I’m seeing the ball well,” he explained.” I’m seeing the spin and I’m seeing the strings really well. My vision is now in HD.”

Those contacts have led to better, well ... contact.

Prior to the vision change, he was batting .235 with one home run, one double and seven RBIs. With the improved peepers he is now .323 with five home runs, five doubles and 19 RBIs.

Not bad. It would be a lot more fun to see him in Ricky Vaughn-style frames with a zig-zag fade, but we'll take those home runs any way we can get them.

The team might want to keep that optometrist on retainer, as none of the Nationals fielders in the current lineup are batting above .250.

We’re not saying vision problems are to blame, but it’s worth a look.

Jayson Werth, the doctor is in.

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