Bryce Harper Uncensored in GQ Profile

Washington Nationals phenom Bryce Harper has definitely been a media darling since bursting onto the baseball scene, but "darling" may not be the word that best describes Harper's portrayal in a recent GQ profile.

"Brash" might be more apropos (though there is nothing wrong with that, of course).

Sometimes, things are better presented without comment. This is one of those instances.

Take this scene from an unexpected batting practice, for example:

"[Expletive]!!!" A violent toss of his custom-made Marucci bat -- inscribed with LUKE 1:37 ("For with God nothing shall be impossible") -- across the batting cage. "[Expletive] it, I'm done." Harper shakes his hands vigorously and shoves them into a pile of infield dirt adjacent to the cage. "I didn't know I was hitting today, and I don't have my [expletive] gloves," he says. "It hurts like a [expletive]."

Yeah, I've got nothing.

To get the full and uncensored look at Harper, check out the entire profile, where writer Will Leitch calls Harper "exactly what baseball needs. He's essentially a throwback: a cocky, ornery cuss who can back it all up. Ty Cobb minus the racism and chaw, Lenny Dykstra before the bankruptcy."

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