Bowen Responds To Snap Accusations, Calls Costa a Liar

Stephen Bowen

Yesterday, we poked the bear and accused Tony Romo of being a tattletale. Redskins' Stephen Bowen has now jumped into Snapcountgate and is calling Dallas center Phil Costa a liar.

“Honestly, I don’t understand how I could simulate his snap count,” Bowen said to the media. “Am I supposed to memorize the colors and the numbers he was saying? Honestly, I lost a lot of respect for Costa. If that was the case, then why didn’t any of their offensive linemen jump offsides? It makes no sense, because he’s lying.”

Oh, snap!

The back-and-forth name calling may seem childish, but Bowen makes a valid point. If the Redskins were simulating the Cowboys’ snap count, why was Costa the only one falling for it? 

Either Costa’s lack of experience made him an easy target, or the fake counts just weren’t happening.

Bowen insists it’s the latter and says Costa is trying to blame his poor performance on someone else.

“Even during the game, the ref came up to us and said, are we giving fake snap counts? I looked at Barry [Cofield], like: ‘Did you make a noise?’ He was like, ‘I didn’t make a noise. I didn’t even hear anything,’” Bowen explained. “So for him to say that, I’m disappointed in him. I lost respect for him, man. He’s trying to make excuses for him messing up.”

We think Bowen and Costa should meet at the flagpole at 3 p.m. to work this out.

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