Blatche Taking His “Talents” To South Beach

We've been pretty hard on Andray Blatche around here. Sometimes it's because of his attitude on the court.

Usually, it's because he does dumb things. Like getting arrested for solicitation (charges were dropped after he attended "John School"). Or threatening to fight someone on Twitter.

Or hosting a lapdance night in Miami.


Holden Kushner found the flyer for the event, and it seems that Blatche plans on staying busy this summer.

We're not sure what duties Blatche held as host of "Lapdance Tuesdays," but it appears he has a fondness for such rituals.

The club was smart enough to photoshop Blatch into a generic uniform, but the fact that the team's name is listed on the flyer is not going to go over well.

We've already speculated that Blatche will be dropping the "of the Washington Wizards" from his official title. Things like this might just speed up that process.

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