Blatche Brings Goodwill to Jamaica

We admit, we're pretty hard on Andray Blatche around here. But when he does something we can cheer about, we're thrilled.

Blatche recently traveled with the RuJohn Foundation to Jamaica, where he contributed $50,000 to help renovate an athletic facility and provide basketballs, sneakers and T-shirts to young athletes in Negril and Kingston, according to the Miami Herald.

“It was mind blowing to see some of the conditions that these kids have to learn under,” Blatche told the Herald. “I saw it with my own eyes what little they have. For them to deal with those circumstances really impressed me. My family and I are trying to help out in whatever way we can.”

We look forward to seeing more positivity and goodwill from Blatche this season. Fingers crossed.

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