Election Fraud in Baltimore, Hon

Peter Angelos wants you to vote early and often

They're not above rigging an election in Baltimore.  Usually "vote early and often" is something snickered about in dark alleys, or in proverbial smoke-filled rooms.

But in Birdland, there is no shame.

Like the nearly sociopathic, attention-starved, wannabe who not-so coyly begs for notoriety, the O's are pulling out all the stops to become liked and loved.

If you vote 25 times for the All-Star Game (and presumably vote for your favorite Orioles like Nick Markakis and BRob) while listing the O's as your favorite baseball team, they'll send you a free ticket to a game.

"Pick me!  Pick me!  I'm pretty, aren't I?" screams Peter "C. Montgomery" Angelos.

The "Vote Orange. Save Green" campaign is a nifty way of rewarding the obsessive compulsive set amongst the Bird-brained fans.

Peck, peck, peck on the keyboard -- exposing your valuable e-mail address to the vile MLB.com spambots -- and Mr. Angelos will reward you with a nosebleed ticket that he otherwise wouldn't be able to sell anyway.

Asbestos Pete will just get your money when you buy some Boog's or an over-priced beer anyway.

But what he really craves is your love and attention.  The old man is reforming.  He wants to be loved.

So take advantage of him.  Go get yourself some free stuff.

Chris Needham used to write Capitol Punishment.  He notes, of course, that the Nats would never give away anything for free.

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