Bernadina Makes ESPN Top Plays of the Year

ESPN Sport Science will be airing its picks for top plays of the year soon, and an incredible catch by Nats outfielder Roger Bernadina has made the list.

Bernadina’s amazing grab happened during a game against the Marlins in May. The diving catch robbed Mike Stanton of extra bases in the fifth inning.

“He certainly has become known for great catches , and this is one that we felt was amazing even for him,” said John Brenkus, host and creator of Sport Science.

The folks at Sport Science chose about 15 plays from all of pro sports, which makes Bernadina’s appearance on the list pretty special.

“We honed in on plays that we thought were unique, ones that exhibited something that the other plays did not,” Brenkus told us. “That catch was just one of those that there wasn’t another one like it this year.”

Plays of the Year will air Tuesday, December 20 at 11:30 p.m. ET on ESPN2.

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