Canada Mixed Doubles Curling Team Earns Victory Against Team USA

Canada has defeated the U.S. 7-2 in round-robin session 9 of curling mixed doubles

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The United States is coming off of their second straight win at the curling mixed doubles round-robin sessions, after defeating China 7-5 earlier on Saturday.

Session 9 will feature Team USA’s Vicky Persinger and Chris Plys and Canada’s Rachel Homan and John Morris.

Team USA took the first end, as Vicky Persinger capitalized on the last stone, and Canada came in for the tie at 1-1 after the second end. 

Though it wasn’t exactly the way they hoped to get a point, the third end resulted in another win for Team USA. Canada and the U.S. land at another stalemate by the close of the fourth end, 2-2. 

The micrometer is out for measurement at the finish of the fifth end … and the verdict is … Canada has their first lead in the game, 3-2. 

A single point was stolen from the USA after six ends, but Canada took the win, upping their lead to 4-2.

Team USA had an uphill battle and they unfortunately could not climb high enough to come back from their early mistakes. Plys and Persinger attempted to outscore their counterparts, but proved unsuccessful. 

The U.S. conceded defeat against Canada after the seventh end, with Canada leading 7-2 against Team USA. 

The United States will seek a win during their last match of the day, against the Czech Republic, which will take place on Saturday night at 8:05 p.m. on CNBC.

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