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ROC's Anna Shcherbakova Wins Gold, Kamila Valieva Falls to Fourth in Women's Figure Skating

Favorite Kamila Valieva struggled in the free skate after entering the final with the lead

It was nearly an ROC sweep of the podium in the women's single figure skating event, but at the end of the competition, it was only Anna Shcherbakova and Alexandra Trusova winning medals.

Shcherbakova won gold in the competition while Trusova took silver. Japan's Kaori Sakamoto won the bronze as ROC favorite Kamila Valieva stumbled in the free skate, falling just short of the podium.

To say Valieva struggled in the free skate would be an understatement. After finishing in first in the short program, the 15-year-old had two falls and two stumbles in the free skate. Her total score of 224.09 put her in fourth.

Shcherbakova did not score as high as Trusova in the free skate, but her short program tally of 80.20 helped her to the silver medal. In the free skate, she notched a 175.75, bringing her total to 255.95.

Trusova's difficult free skate routine included five different quad jumps, but the risk was worth it. She was given a score of 177.13, putting her total at 251.73, which catapulted her towards the top of the leaderboard.

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Sakamoto finished with the third-best short program and free skate scores, fittingly ending the event in third as well with a total score of 233.13.

The United States had three figure skaters performing, but all three of Alysa Liu, Mariah Bell and Karen Chen fell short of the podium.

Liu had an excellent showing in her free skate program, recording a score of 139.45 while performing to "Violin Concerto in D."

Her two best jumps in the routine were the triple lutz-triple toe loop and triple lutz-single euler-triple salchow, which scored 11.20 and 12.80 points, respectively. It increased her total score to 208.95, finishing in seventh.

Bell put together a strong performance in the free skating program with a score of 136.92, skating to the song, "Hallelujah."

She had very few errors in her routine, and her best jump of the routine was a triple lutz-double toe loop-double loop, scoring her 9.45 points. Combined with her 65.38 from the short program, it gave her a total of 202.30. Bell ended up in 10th at the end of the competition.

Chen's routine had a number of technical mistakes, including a fall on her final jump in the routine. She received a score of 115.82, which when added to her short program score 64.11, gave the American a total score of 179.93, good for 16th.

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