Here's the Curling Winter Olympics Schedule, How to Watch Details

Curling kicks off competition at the 2022 Winter Olympics on Wednesday

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Let’s zero in on one of the most unique sports at the Winter Olympics: curling. 

The sport originated in Scotland back in the 16th century and has grown in popularity across the world ever since.

Curling stones, weighing in at 44 pounds each, were designed from granite and mined from specific quarries in the northern United Kingdom. Once Canada and the U.S. adopted these pastime practices, they imported these stones and began curling leagues of their own. 

Today, we see curling being normalized internationally in community recreation leagues, curling clubs, training organizations – and, of course, the Winter Olympics.

Here is how you can watch all the curling action at the 2022 Beijing Olympics, along with streaming info and athletes to watch:

What is the schedule for curling at the 2022 Winter Olympics?

Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics

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Curling will consist of three events: mixed doubles, men’s and women’s. There are nine medals in total to be received.

The curling bonspiel will take place from Feb. 2 to Feb. 19. Mixed doubles will take place from Feb. 2-8 and men’s and women’s stretch from Feb. 9-17. Semifinals and medal games start Feb. 17 and run through Feb. 19.

Below is the full event and streaming information for each day of competition for mixed doubles curling.

Here's the men’s and women's curling schedule at the 2022 Winter Olympics:


Where is curling at the Winter Olympics?

Curling competition will take place at the Beijing National Aquatics Center.

How is curling played?

The sport, also known as “chess on ice,” consists of two teams with four players on each team. The object of the game? To score the most points. 

The rink is made up of two "houses" on each side, which some might refer to as the goals or targets. Each house is etched out in the ice and resembles a large circle with a hole in the middle, called the button. Basically, the four players are working together to move the stones as close to the button as possible.

The stones are thrown by one player at a time, while the other three players sweep with their brooms to assist the stone’s path in reaching the button. 

Eight stones are thrown toward the opponent’s house and then the teams switch sides. This is known as an end.

There are 73 minutes in total throughout a single curling match and each match consists of 10 ends.

Who is competing in curling for Team USA at the 2022 Winter Olympics?

The current roster for Team USA Curling is as follows:

  • Men's: John Landsteiner (lead), Matt Hamilton (second), Chris Plys (third), John Shuster (captain, skip) and Colin Hufman (alternate)
  • Women's: Tara Peterson (lead), Becca Hamilton (second), Nina Roth (third), Tabitha Peterson (skip) and Aileen Geving (alternate)
  • Mixed Doubles: Vicky Persinger and Chris Plys
Olympic champion John Shuster, Super Bowl champion Vernon Davis, USA Curling’s Monica Walker and other curling enthusiasts are teaming up to create paths to diversify the sport. Hear from them all on this full video episode of the "My New Favorite Olympian" podcast.

Who are the best curlers at the 2022 Winter Olympics?

Sweden and Canada are on the top of the list for the greatest nations in both men’s and women’s curling, with Sweden being ranked first in the world and Canada being the strongest nation.

Niklas Edin and Anna Hasselborg of Sweden are definitely the ones to look out for. Edin leads the team with two Olympic medals and is seeking to win his first gold in 2022. Hasselborg became the first curler in history to hold both the European Curling Championship gold medal, the World Mixed Doubles Curling Championship gold and the Olympic gold.

Kevin Martin and Jennifer Jones are known as being the best for Canada, both with one gold medal, Martin with one world title and Jones with two. However, this year, only Jennifer Jones will be returning.

The design of the medals is a nod to the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics, while embracing elements of winter sports.

Who won the gold in curling at the 2018 Winter Olympics? 

The U.S. men’s team are the defending champions of the gold after its victory at the 2018 PyeongChang Games. Sweden received silver and Switzerland received bronze.

The gold in women’s was awarded to Sweden, silver to South Korea and bronze to Japan. 

And finally, for mixed doubles, Canada’s John Morris and Kaitlyn Lawes took the gold, Switzerland the silver and Norway the bronze.

What country has the most medals in curling?

Canada is the most successful team in the history of curling. They are ranked first in mixed doubles after winning the gold in 2018, third in men’s and fifth in women’s. Canada has received 11 Olympic medals, 6 of those being gold, and won a plethora of world championships: 36 for the men’s team, 17 for the women’s and two for mixed doubles.

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