Behind Enemy Lines: New York Jets Edition

We all know what the D.C. media says about the Redskins, but what’s going on behind enemy lines? During the season, we’re going to head over to the opposing side and look in on the game chatter in preparation for that week’s match up.

This week we’re checking out what the Jets and the New York media are saying about the Redskins.

The media says…

“There is nothing glamorous about the Jets’ scheduled assignment on Sunday afternoon, when they travel down to FedEx Field for a non-conference, non-rivalry game they can’t afford to blow against a losing opponent with a chronic Achilles heel at quarterback.” – NY Daily News with some optimistic prose ahead of Sunday’s game.

“For a team that just snapped a six game losing streak with a win over an equally lowly Seattle Seahawks, the Skins have a very talented defense. To go from 31st overall on D last year to 11th overall this year is not an easy task, and that is a testament to the development (and infusion) of young talent like Brian Orakpo and Ryan Kerrigan. These two pass rushers represent exactly the type of players that the Jets have had problems with this season, and they will be out to wreak havoc come Sunday.” – Gang Green Nation on one of the Redskins' redeeming qualities.

The team says…

"He's made a lot of plays. He's been to the Pro Bowl. He's done everything he has to do. He doesn't play quarterback. He doesn't know how receivers run routes. My comment to that is he made what he made, but we know who our quarterback is." – Jets receiver Santonio Holmes responding to Redskins’ DeAngelo Hall’s criticism of Mark Sanchez.

And just wait until Dustin Keller sees the traffic down here...

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