Behind Enemy Lines: New England Edition

We all know what the D.C. media says about the Redskins, but what’s going on behind enemy lines? During the season, we’re going to head over to the opposing side and look in on the game chatter in preparation for that week’s match up.

This week we’re checking out what the Patriots and the New England media are saying about the Redskins.

The media says…

"The absence of Williams could compromise Grossman’s protection against a Patriots team that will likely bring a formidable rush led by Andre Carter, who last year struggled as an outside linebacker in the Redskins’ 3-4 defense before he amicably parted ways with the team." – on Trent Williams, whose headline for this was “Redskins have already taken a couple of hits.” Let that be the end of the weed jokes.

"The Patriots go into a crippled 4-8 Washington, a team that has a sturdy, aggressive defense led by two outside linebackers the Patriots wish they had (one of whom is in AWFUL Geico commercials that make no sense)." – Pats Pulpit on Orakpo and Kerrigan, although we see no need to make fun or Orakpo’s commercials. It’s not like he wrote them.

The team says…

"I think these two guys are right up there in terms of their ability to set the edge in the running game, to collapse a pocket, to strip sack the quarterback. Even if they're not sacking the quarterback they're forcing the ball out quickly. They're good players. I think they're the key to the whole defense." – Tom Brady on the pass rushing of Brian Orakpo and Ryan Kerrigan.

And we don't know what "Gronking out" is, but it sounds gross...

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