Behind Enemy Lines: Dallas Edition, Part 2

We all know what the D.C. media says about the Redskins, but what’s going on behind enemy lines? During the season, we’re going to head over to the opposing side and look in on the game chatter in preparation for that week’s match up.

This week we’re checking out what the Cowboys and the Dallas media are saying about the Redskins.

The media says…

“There have been some memorable contests, with exciting wins and bitter losses for us. Sadly, this does not look to be one of the great games in the series, because the Redskins are quite frankly in a bunch of trouble right now. Riddled by injuries, beset with fan dissatisfaction over their 3-6 start and five game losing streak, the 'skins are fading fast. While the Cowboys can never take them for granted, this game should not, according to just about any way you look at it, be very competitive.” – Blogging the Boys bringing up the reasons why just about all of us almost forgot it was Dallas Week.

“The Cowboys are starting to play good football at home. But they are 1-3 on the road this season and Washington almost always seems to make it difficult on them. The Cowboys have lost four of their last six games at FedEx Field even though they were clearly the superior team in some of those losses.” - David Moore of with a little, tiny, itty bitty glimmer of hope for Redskins fans to cling to.

The team says…

"Rex Grossman's a proven quarterback. You can throw all the statistics out of the way. Our first matchup, he was playing real well. I think he's trying to get back to that, and we just know that we need to go out and execute." – Dallas safety Abram Elam, adding one more person to list of those who think Shanahan’s Beck experiment was foolish.

 "Worrying about his mouth on Sunday is going to be the biggest thing we have to get over." – Dallas cornerback Alan Ball on the fear of former Cowboy/current Redskin Tashard Choice causing SnapcountGate 2.

And to round out the secondary, here's Dallas safety Gerald Sensabaugh with his commentary on how embarrassing the NFC East is.


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