Baltimore Mayor Loses Bet, Wears Enemy Colors

Normal 0 It’s common for two mayors to make friendly wagers when their sports teams are playing each other in big games.

So when the Steelers and Ravens squared off against each other in the AFC Divisional Round last week, Pittsburgh’s Luke Ravenstahl and Baltimore’s Stephanie Rawlings-Blake made a wager. 

The loser would have to wear the other team’s jersey and proclaim them the “superior” team.

The Steelers defeated the Ravens 31-24, so Rawlings-Blake had to don the black and gold.

In a Youtube video, the Baltimore mayor looked very uncomfortable wearing a Steelers jersey.  In fact, she walked off halfway through the video to change into a more Ravens-appropriate black shirt and purple scarf.

In addition to the jersey, Rawlings-Blake has to send Ravenstahl some crab cakes from Faidley's Seafood.

You can watch the video here.

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