AU Trick Shot Video: Real Or Fake?

This video of trick shots by players on the American University basketball team has been making the rounds. As we watched it, we couldn’t help but be amazed by these impressive and creative feats of shooting prowess.

And then we watched it again. And a third time. By the fourth viewing, we had our doubts about the legitimacy of some of these shots. While our sources at AU tell us the tricks are 100 percent legit, we also consulted some trusted colleagues and, well ... they have doubts like we do. While some baskets are convincing, others look to be the product of clever editing.

One shot in particular sealed our skepticism. At about the 1:40 mark, one of the players is sitting at a table with a phone in one hand and the ball in the other. After making the shot, you see the ball hit the court and head back toward the player. When the camera pans back to the shooter, the ball should be bouncing back into the frame. Except it doesn’t. Hmmm...

We’re not trying to take anything away from this video’s entertainment value. Real or not, it shows great creativity and has people talking about AU basketball. But we pose this challenge to the video’s stars, Joe Hill and Steve Luptak: Make these shots for our cameras and turn your doubters into believers. So what do you say?

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