Arenas Wants to Be a Zero

Forget about him so you can ultimately remember him

Gilbert Arenas wants to be a nobody. He wants you to forget about him. Take out the cartridge, blow on it, hit the reset button and pop that bad boy back in the Nintendo.

OK, maybe "Nintendo" is a dated reference, but Agent Zero wants you to turn back to clock to when he was nothing. Back to when he chose the number zero at Arizona because that's how many minutes people thought he would play. Back to when he was a second round draft pick, an afterthought behind the likes of Jeryl Sasser and Brandon Armstrong. Who? Exactly.

No more blogging. Do not disturb. Seat's taken, can't sit here. Hikikomori in your face! (or not)

Wait what? Gilbert Arenas has been secretly practicing? Full speed since February 16? Meh. So what?

When it comes to this "practice" thing, Wizards fans are just like Allen Iverson. He's supposed to be the franchise player and people are getting hyped about practice? Not a game, practice.

Nobody cares about Gilbert and practice and that's the way he wants it. Good thing the Wizards have no chance of making the playoffs ... the pressure is completely off. Arenas doesn't need to come back this year.

In fact, it's the opinion of many who don't play basketball, and aren't experiencing Arenas' knee issues, that he shouldn't come back. And even those who have been through similar issues, such as Grant Hill, are suggesting that the Hibachi not be rolled onto the court until '09-'10.

Stop, chill, and let Gil be Gil. Arenas has got this and doesn't need anyone's opinion. He's been around the knee injury block and has learned from his mistakes (we hope).

The knee continues to be tested, and if the situation is right, why not test it in a game this year? Let Arenas be nothing (again) so he can show the world he is something. Agent Zero wouldn't have it any other way.

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