Arenas' Talk More Affordable Than Cheap

Wizards guard talks big heading into the off-season

We've heard it before, Gilbert Arenas says one thing, and contradicts himself later. The denizens of Wizards village can't count how many times they've run to the cries of "Wolf!"

So what's supposed to make everyone believe Arenas' "serious" talk this time?

"We've just been a goofball team for a while now, and it's fun when you're winning. But when you're not winning, it kinda looks depressing," said Arenas.

True, true and true.

Arenas continues, "To be honest, I'm a goofball. But when I step inside those lines, it's serious. Some of them don't know how to turn that on and off. I told them, it comes with time. You've got to put your work in in the summer because we're coming at you."

Seems pretty genuine. Gil even invited known problem children, specifically Andray Blatche and Nick Young, to work out with him this summer. Hey, way to lead!

Problem with Arenas is that his genuine attitude is bed-fellows with his erratic nature.

He contests, "I know everyone thinks I'm gonna be this big head case, but I don't fight with anybody, I don't fight with the coaches. I don't say anything, just in the media. I'm just the hype man."

To be fair to Arenas, he is not a head case (necessarily) nor locker room cancer. But most aren't worried that Gilbert will be a disruption.

The issue Gil brushes off his shoulders like dirt is his poor track record of communication, especially with those who tend to be pretty important, such as his coach. Not everyone can wipe out Gilbert's lack of communication like Gil can. Hopefully he'll start off on the right foot with Flip Saunders, keeping the lines wide open.

In a city full of politicians blowing hot air, Arenas' talk is just as cheap as the next; only his actions can rally Wizards fans to support his campaign.

Kyle Weidie also writes Truth About It and contributes to Bullets Forever, both Washington Wizards blogs. He'll talk Wizards with you, holler at him.

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