Are Redskins Stuck with MeAngelo?

Questionable secondary means Hall gets attention

Is DeAngelo Hall, known as "MeAngelo" in some circles, the only option the Redskins have to field a competitive pass defense in 2009?

It's no secret that improving the offensive line is priority No. 1 for the Redskins this off-season. Improving the D-line might be a close second.   But what about that gosh-darn secondary?

LaRon Landry and Chris Horton make the safety position solid, but it could use some depth.  As for the corners, Shawn Springs is throwing rocks at the window of decrepitude, Fred Smoot is overrated, and Carlos Rogers is disgruntled about having to earn a starting position.

That brings us back to Hall, who is hoping to cash in with a big contract ... again.

Taking a holistic approach to the Redskins troubles, returning the franchise to consistent winning involves more than coaching, top-level players, and building a foundation through the draft. A culture of cohesiveness that keeps everyone on the same page must be ingrained.

Hardly a groundbreaking idea.

But team unity is easily influenced by winning and losing, which can come down to a single play, which can boil down to the attitude of one individual. Everything matters.

Hall is clearly talented, and as a Redskin he kept his nose clean and played well. But he also has a history of sideline combustion and ill-advised decisions that make media and PR departments cringe.

Skins fans may have seen the good side of Hall because he was auditioning for his next contract, but it's not hard to control yourself for only two months when money is involved.

Should someone with an unpredictable nature be a part of a franchise trying to build respectability? Has Hall seen the light of maturity? Those answers of character are left for Vinny Cerrato to judge.  Uh oh...

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