Arby's Gives RGIII's Parking Space to LaVar Arrington

Robert Griffin III lost his reserved parking spot at the Arby’s across the street from Redskins training camp in Richmond, but it’s not because of anything the star quarterback did.

The sign reserving the spot for RGIII last year included the official team logo, so Redskins lawyers politely asked owner Dean Kovanes to remove it.

In its place, a new sign reserving the spot for “Redskins great LaVar Arrington.”

“Being an Ohio State fan, he terrorized the Big Ten for many years [while playing for Penn State] and he's one of my favorite Redskins, so we just figured, Hey, if LaVar's in town, come on in and have a couple beef and cheddars,” Kovanes said. “We'd love to see you. You got your spot right here.”

Kovanes senses an annual tradition starting.

“We try to kind of have fun with it, and people through the year going, ‘Are you going to have a new sign this year?’ and of course we are,” he said. “We're going to have a new one for the Patriots, maybe.”

And he’s accepting suggestions for next year.

“If any Redskins fans have any ideas for next year, please let me know,” he said. “We'll be glad to use it if it's a good one.”

Training camp starts Thursday. News4 and will have extensive coverage.

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