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Milledge to the minors

Lastings Milledge is finding out that doing the minimum only works if you're hitting.  Or fielding.

The pressure's on the former top prospect.  While he's still really young, the shiny luster of his prospecthood is being dulled to a matte by his indifferent attitude and his lousy play.

Installed as the team's leadoff hitter before even taking a swing in spring, Milledge responded with a sub-mediocre .231 on-base percentage.

So what's a team to do?  Option him to Triple-A, of course.

I hear Syracuse is beautiful this time of year.  The snow's almost halfway melted, and the melt has washed a bunch of the rock salt off the road.

This might just light a fire under Milledge's butt.  Nothing else has motivated him so far.

Maybe all he needs are a few Syracuse bus rides to motivate him?

On Monday, despite some problems with the bat, he seemed to play hard, especially on defense.  He got a few good jumps on the ball, and made two solid catches deep in center.

But it still wasn't enough to save him in D.C.  The bat needed to come around pretty quickly before everyone's patience wore thin.  But it did.  All players streak, even good ones, bad ones, and ones who play indifferently.

But it's that last group that has the shortest leash, as L-Millz is finding out.

Chris Needham used to write Capitol Punishment.  When in Syracuse, he recommends a stop at the Salt Museum before dinner at Dinosaur's BBQ.

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