Anthony Armstrong's Military Contribution

It takes courage to be a Redskins fan sometimes, but some fans are braver than others. 

Over at the Redskins Blog there is a pretty great account of a Redskins fan’s commitment to country -- and Anthony Armstrong’s commitment to that fan.  

On June 14, Yeoman First Class Petty Officer (Aviation Warfare) Brian Laliberty recommitted to the Navy, where he has served since April, 2001. The 28-year-old Manassas native is a huge Redskins fan and wanted a player to administer the oath of service on his special day.

"I contacted the Redskins prior to the lockout seeing if it was possible for a player to re-enlist me or if there was any interest," Laliberty explained. "Right before the lockout happened, Anthony volunteered. With the advances of technology, I was able to find him on Twitter to get the ball rolling so I could re-enlist."

Laliberty is expecting to be deployed in August to Norfolk where where he will be stationed aboard the U.S.S. Dwight D. Eisenhower.

And to think, the lockout almost prevented this from happening. 

Armstrong offered his praise for the brave Redskins fan via Twitter

“Was an honor to re-enlist [Petty Officer Brian Laliberty] in the Navy today! Make sure you thank him for his service.”

Thank you, Petty Officer Brian Laliberty. This season’s for you. 

Unless it's awful. Then next season's for you. 

 photo courtesy of Redskins Blog

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