Another Pair of Defensive Rookies Tied Up After Practice

Star rookie Orakpo victimized Tuesday

The Washington Redskins' defense has found its training camp spirit.

For the second day in a row, veteran linemen taped a couple rookies to the goal posts.

On Monday, Kevin Barnes and Robert Henson were tied up and doused with Gatorade. Tuesday it was 13th overall draft pick Brian Orakpo's and JD Skolnitsky's turn.

Their tormentors went further than just a Gatorade bath. After spraying the rooks with the sports drink, they dumped ice over them.

It felt good initially, Orakpo told News4, but ultimately, it was an unsettling experience.

London Fletcher, Cornelius Griffin and Albert Haynesworth are the ringleaders, D.C. Sports Bog reported, but some defensive backs helped out.

Other rookie hazing includes fetching water at meetings and paying fines for assorted "violations," D.C. Sports Bog reported.

So what are the veterans on offense doing to toughen up their rookies?

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