Alex Ovechkin at the Olympics, Part IV: Ovi and Kobe

So far, Washington Capitals forward Alex Ovechkin has snapped pictures with tennis stars Novak Djokovic and Serena Williams while supporting girlfriend/tennis player Maria Kirilenko at the Olympics.

That's a lot of tennis.

Early Friday (in America, at least), however, Ovi stepped off the grass court and onto the hardwood when he took a picture with Kobe Bryant:

Bryant scored 16 points -- 14 in the first quarter -- in Team USA's record-setting 156-73 rout of Nigeria Thursday. Kobe happens to be a proven champion -- he has enough championship rings to fill an entire hand -- so that's not bad company for Ovi to keep.

Tune in next week for what inevitably will be more blog posts dedicated to Ovechkin's Twitter pictures.

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