Alex Ovechkin at the Olympics: A Photo Essay

With hockey over for the summer, Washington Capitals forward Alex Ovechkin has hung up his skates and put on whatever doting boyfriends wear in their place (judging by Ovi's style, they wear a lot of tank tops).

After accompanying his girlfriend, tennis player Maria Kirilenko, to Wimbledon last month, Ovechkin  has returned to London to support Kirilenko as she represents Russia in the Olympics.

This weekend, Ovechkin shared quite a few pictures of his adventures on Twitter, which has inspired this photo essay, which I've entitled "Ov-ympics." I'll take other suggestions below.

Here is Ovechkin and Kirilenko outside of Olympic Stadium. Unfortunately, the Russians did not take any fashion tips from Ovi during the opening ceremony.

Here is a picture of Kirilenko warming up as taken by Ovechkin. In her doubles match with partner Nadia Petrova, Kirilenko won her first Olympic match 6-7 6-3 6-2 over the Polish duo of Klaudia
Jans-Ignacik and Alicja Rosolska.

Ovechkin, usually hounded by autograph and picture seekers, takes one of his own with tennis star Novak Djokovic.

Last, but not least, a lovely picture of the couple. Perhaps my eyes are deceiving me, but that looks like a ring on Kirilenko's left ring finger. Could it be? Looks like the Olympics now have six rings, am I right? Who knows.

Either way, tune in next time for the continuation of "Where In The World Is Ovi Sandiego?"

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