Adam's Mornin': Who is the “Dougie” King of D.C.?

Can you teach me how to "Dougie"?

It's okay if you can't, because Washington seems to be filled with athletes who know how to. Last weekend, D.C. added several new members to the "Dougie Hall of Fame" (patent pending) during a Washington Redskins v. Baltimore Ravens charity basketball game sponsored by Redskins receiver Anthony Armstrong's Lucky 13 Foundation and the Ravens' Torrey Mitchell Foundation:

While it is hard to see which Redskins in particular are participating, it seems that both teams have moves (even the referees got into the act with the "Kid 'N Play"). Yet, which D.C. athlete reigns supreme when it comes to putting their arms out fron and leaning side to side? Let's take a look.


Back in 2010, Armstrong celebrated his first career touchdown against the Green Bay Packers with a tribute to Cali Swag District. He definitely has the flow down (how unhip do I sound right now?), which is especially impressive considering he has no musical accompaniment.

John Wall

Wall made quite the entrance last season before his debut game, Dougie-ing through his teammates after being announced in the starting lineup. Not everyone enjoyed it, but you only have one chance to make a first impression. I'd say Wall's was welcome. And catchy.

Ted Leonsis

I understand Leonsis is not an athlete and has not been photographed or videotaped Dougieing, but last season, he promised to Dougie if the Wizards sold out a game at Verizon Center. That never happened, so neither did Leonsis' dance, but I believe he deserves some recognition for the sheer brilliance and endless entertainment that is imagining him doing so.

I think the title of "Dougie King Of D.C." belongs to Wall and since the dance is probably out of style by now, it will probably stay with him.

In my next installment, I will look for D.C.'s "Worst Dancing Athlete." Personally, I think it will take some horrible, horrible dancing to usurp Alex Ovechkin.

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