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Wizards Fans So Happy They Could Dance

John Wall Dance comes to D.C.



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    LEXINGTON, KY - JANUARY 23: John Wall #11 of the Kentucky Wildcats celebrates during the SEC game against the Arkansas Razorbacks on January 23, 2010 at Rupp Arena in Lexington, Kentucky. Kentucky won 101-70. (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

    If you notice some peculiar behavior from Wizards fans around town today, don't worry.

    They may look like they're flexing their biceps or pretending to be a little teapot -- short and stout. But they're not crazy from the heat. They're just attempting the John Wall Dance.

    Yes, the Wizards' No. 1 pick already comes with his own signature dance move. It started back at Kentucky when he stole a move from a Louisville rapper and soon made it his trademark happy dance. And since being drafted No. 1 overall by the Wiz makes Washington fans happy, they'll be sure to catch on and attempt the dance soon enough.

    Heck, even team president Ernie Grunfeld got caught up in the hype Thursday night. At the end of his post-draft news conference, a reporter asked Grunfeld if he'd demonstrate the dance. And sure enough, he did.

    John Wall Meets the Press

    [DC] John Wall Meets the Press
    John Wall has his first news conference at the Verizon Center.
    (Published Friday, June 25, 2010)

    Well, at least he made an attempt. He was definitely more teapot than bicep. And he stuck out his pinky for some odd reason. But hey, he gave it the ol' college try, which is more than we can say for owner Ted Leonsis, who shot down NBC4's Dan Hellie's request to attempt the dance.

    Of course, that was before the draft started, so perhaps Leonsis got into the swing of things later on after Wall was officially a Wizard.  (Update!  Mr. Leonsis offers up a John Wall Dance in the video below, along with Stephen Strasburg, Alex Ovechkin and more...)

    The John Wall Dance

    [DC] The John Wall Dance
    John Wall's version vs. Ernie Grunfeld's version.
    (Published Friday, June 25, 2010)


    Mayor Adrian Fenty, who managed to get on the guest list Friday for the "Welcome To D.C." news conference, didn't stick around to dance, but he did leave a plaque announcing the proclamation of "John Wall Day" in the District.

    For more on the history of the Wall Dance, check out the ESPN feature here.  And hey, if you want to videotape yourself doing the dance, we're game.  E-mail it to us at dcnews(at)nbcuni.com.